Auto-Owners Associates Credit Union

6101 Anacapri Blvd
Lansing, MI 48917

Phone: (517)323-1370
Fax: (517)391-1189


Monday-Thursday 8:00-4:00 EST
Friday 8:30-4:00 EST

Routing & Transit Number: 272481965



Chartered in July 1948, Auto-Owners Associates Credit Union was originally formed by a group of Auto-Owners Associates.  The purpose was to have a place, controlled by its members, to save and borrow money at reasonable rates.  We are now serving over 3,000 associates and retirees.

Auto-Owners Associates Credit Union provides you with more than just a savings account.  It provides you with ownership in a non-profit financial institution, owned and managed by and for its members.

Our excess profits are returned to members in various forms, such as lower lending rates and higher savings rates, to help members reach their financial goals.